Business Technology Solutions

Better IT services mean a more productive office environment. Let us give you the Technology that make your jobs easier!

Good technology solutions can really reduce the stress on your computing infrastructure and ensure that the growth continues unhindered. We understand the importance of creating and supporting a scalable IT infrastructure that grows with your organization’s needs for more storage and higher networking capacity.

Let us help you invest in the right equipment from the onset of your business activities so your employees have the right gear to be productive. Whether you are looking for minor system wide IT upgrades or a full scale IT set up, LaunchIstanbul can give you the guidance and expertise to get it all done professionally in Istanbul.

IT Infrastructure Establishment

Our IT solutions span across all domains that concern modern business organizations and IT companies. We outsource the jobs to our trusted IT service providers that provide a vast industry experience as well as vast knowledge of the latest technology. We work with our partners and your IT managers to create a detailed IT road map, sign SLAs, and then get to work, setting up your IT operations successfully. Our IT service lineup includes everything from setting up servers and ensuring their security to setting up local emails and ant viruses on companywide PCs.

Equipment Procurement

We carefully study your business structure to figure out if you are better of purchasing equipment or should you just lease them. Once that decision is made, our suppliers are requested to provide their best quotations for office equipment.

From server room racks to smart phone devices, any gadgets that will help your employees get more profitable, we’ll get them for you. Of course, our goal is to get you the best equipment that meets your organizational needs, and not necessarily the most expensive one.

Communication Subscriptions

A great communication system is the culmination of all the hard work that goes into your office network. We can help you setup office-wide modern communications solutions including voice-over-IP, voice messaging, and wireless solutions. This allows for seamless integration of entry access systems, and computer management technologies that give you and your employees the control they need.

We can also be trusted to provide local SIM cards and network solutions for your organization.

Landline and Internet Connections

Let us help you set up office wide connections for telephone/fax lines and the Internet line. Our telephony specialists work with the existing set up of your office to plan out where all the wiring must go, we also take into account of all the work stations in your office, and connectivity requirements for IT hardware, while laying the lines.

Let us help you keep your Istanbul business connected to the world, contact us today for more info on all your technician needs in the region!

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