Office Interior Services

You no longer have to worry work with multiple contractors and suppliers to bring together a presentable, inspiring office in Turkey!

Our corporate interior decoration and design team is available to take care of all your office décor needs. Our team analyzes the location, visualizes your brand and corporate identity and creates an interior plan for your office that is truly in line with your ambitions.

At LaunchIstanbul we employ a variety of resources to create bespoke interiors of the highest standards. Our design specialists come up with unique details using cutting edge contemporary and traditional schemes.

Whether you want a limited refurbishment or a complete overhaul of the office interiors, we are here to help!

Interior Design

We have in-house facilities to handle basic updates of your office premises, such as maintenance work including new paint etc.

For your more extensive interior design needs, we work with some great up and coming architects who are chosen on the basis of their expertise and past work in the field of modern office décor. These design solutions are seamlessly coordinated from start to finish, while also ensuring the cost-effectiveness of the project. And if the need be, our workers can be directed to be minimally intrusive while business goes as usual at your place of work.

Furniture Supply

Our procurement department can select furniture suppliers, select the right items, make negotiations and arrange for deliveries to be made to your office premises. If you’d like to be more in control of this process, we’ll be glad to have you on board throughout the planning and specification stage.

Whatever your design needs be, your LaunchIstanbul team already has it covered!

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