Human Resources

We help expats like you make sense of the turkish visa regulations and requirements for work permits, ensuring the quickest services for your employees!

LaunchIstanbul is here to ensure that you and your employees get the best possible services to ensure a productive and comfortable stay in Istanbul. We realize that work permit, and visa requirements can change on very short notice. You need a local expert on your side, someone who has the resources to get your papers filed in a timely manner and get you the outcome you need to get started with your business in turkey quickly and effectively.

Our HR solutions include:


LaunchIstanbul offers specialized recruitment solutions for all or any vacancies, permanent, temporary or contract positions that may be open at your organization. Whether you are headhunting for specific individuals in Turkey, or looking to recruit contractors or other gifted personnel, we have the resources to find the perfect fit for your business.

Our extensive knowledge of the prevalent labor laws in Turkey ensures that you get the best possible recruitment counsel that money can buy, while your employees get to profit from social security benefits available to them.

Visa Services

We can do it all for you or give you the all the guidance you need on how to get a Visa in Turkey, quickly.

Expats arriving in Turkey are sometimes taken aback by the amount of red tape involved in securing a work Visa. If you have employees coming in from your home country, let us deal with their Visa application process on your behalf. Employers are expected to incur all the costs of a Visa application for their employees.

Residency and Work Permits

Let us handle all the forms and documents that need to be processed. A residence permit acquired for a long duration also helps speed up the Visa and work permit process. We do our best to ensure that your employees get these documents filed in a timely manner, with the right authorities. Our resources also enable us to keep track of the process and get the desired outcome as soon as possible.

LaunchIstanbul guarantees that your employees are well looked after all through their stay in Turkey!

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