Who We Are

Creating a viable existence for your business or professionals in Turkey can be challenging; we can help you with all that it involves!

Launch Istanbul is home to some truly dynamic and resourceful people. We have come together from a variety of fields and backgrounds, to create an all-inclusive, full-service company for our clients at home and abroad. Entrepreneurs and organizations are fascinated with all that Turkey has to offer. But oftentimes investors are in for a surprise because of the sheer multitude of complexities involved in setting up in the region. Launch Istanbul is an ambitious project recently launched by a group of dreamers with a strong business plan and service-intensive attitude that will help their dreams become a reality.!

Our Clients

Our Clients Need Quality Solutions and Timely Services. We Deliver!

Our pragmatic approach to their issues ensures that our patrons are guided and provided for by a team of professionals with an in-depth understanding of their complex requirements. These clients include a majority of small to mid-size companies that:

want to establish an office
are established in Turkey but finding it hard to manage and operate
Businessman/individuals who are doing business in turkey-with turkey
has established in Turkey who does not want to hire much local but would like to outsource
who has established in Turkey for a short term and looking for short term solutions

With a multi-jurisdictional presence and pragmatic approach, our clients are advised and guided by a team of professionals with an in-depth understanding of the often complex requirements. We are well equipped to meet all our clients’ requirements, whether they are small and medium business entrepreneurs, or multi-national corporations maintaining quality service & timely delivery.

Our clients are always welcome to take advantage of our ability to streamline the trickiest business activities and set up solutions in Turkey!

Our Vision

To Be a Leading Consultancy Group For All Istanbul Bound Businesses, Executives And Entrepreneurs. We offer our expertise to all clients, big and small and also individuals making their way to Istanbul to test the waters. We aim to increase our service diversity while offering the same level of expertise and excellence to all our clients, now and in the future.

We carry out our vision, reaching, may be even exceeding our potential as individuals and as a team, building client relationships based on distinction in service and honesty in all dealings.

You will always be our first priority, that’s a LaunchIstanbul promise!

Our Mission

Our Aim Is To Become A One-Stop-Shop For All Istanbul Bound Businesses, Executives And Entrepreneurs and to give our clients unlimited bargain power in Turkey with our regional network of intermediaries, everything they need to take advantage of our experiences in the region, and troves of local knowledge that comes in handy when they need a reliable associate in Istanbul and an unrestricted access to our connections, who are some of the major role players in the Turkish economy with efficient and timely services in business administration.

It only takes one call to LaunchIstanbul and all your Turkey business problems are solved!
Experience our client-centric services today!

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